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Here at Florida Truck Outfitters, we’re the home of the helpful. We’re not only proud to offer you a full range of coatings and accessories, but our true talents lie in becoming part of your project. Whether it’s lining a truck bed or customizing a one-of-a-kind…every job gets the same expert attention to detail and uncompromising customer service every customer deserves. We are a team of trained professionals and aftermarket specialists who enjoy what we do, what we drive, the products we sell, and the advice we give each and every day. Because at the end of it, what matters most is you, and we don’t forget that. Drop in and say hello, we’d love to talk about what how you’d like to customize your vehicle!

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We’re experts with spray-on protective coating technology, and have delivered corrosion-resistant solutions to countless satisfied customers.


Expertly sprayed by highly trained technicians

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You can protect just about anything

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Protection for your entire vehicle, inside and out


Rustproof under your vehicle


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