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Specialty Coatings are available for Complete Vehicle Protection, Inside and Out in Tampa FL. Call 813-336-4332!

Think beyond the truck bed. Think about anything and anywhere that needs protection from abuse, rust and corrosion, or that needs a non-slip surface, tough-as-nails coating, and a beautiful finish. At Florida Truck Outfitters, we offer some of the most versatile, problem-solving and advanced coatings you’ll ever find. From your undercarriage to your interior, floors, doors and exterior panels, our specialty coating seamlessly adheres to any shape or surface contour. We can even customize the color to meet every one of your desires and vehicles. Trucks, Jeeps, Tractors, Big Rigs and Fast Toys…. the possibilities of the ultimate protection are endless.
Adheres To Any Shape or Surface Contour
Fade Resistant
Easy To Clean
Heavy- and Fine-Texture Finishes
Can Protect It All — Steel, Aluminum, & Fiberglass
Consistent Surface, No Seams or Gaps
Protection From Scratches & Door Dings
Custom Developed Pool Package Coating for Pool Company
UV Protection
Color Options & Custom Pigments Available

Custom Color Options

Full or Partial Exterior Spray

Interior Spray